Why having a human centered approach in the workplace is important in the workplace and how to build it?

The Human Experience Model (HX) decodes experience through three major priorities (engagement, empowerment and fulfillment) and can help you shape optimal human experiences at work.

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What can you achieve?

  • Purpose - Help people feel part of something bigger
  • Choice - Give employees more freedom and control over their day-to-day work
  • User Comfort & Services - Create a safe, comfortable, welcoming and hospitable work environment
  • Human Leadership - Adopt a human approach to management, placing people at its core
  • Horizontality - Adopt a flatter organizational structure where power is evenly distributed
  • Corporate Philanthropy - Create a positive social impact with a corporate philanthropy program
  • Community Building - Nurture community spirit and encourage collaboration
  • Innovation Spaces  - Purposefully design spaces to inspire co-creation and innovation
  • Sustainable Design - Design offices that work for people and the planet
  • Tailored Solutions - Treat employees as individuals and tailor their experience
  • Digitisation - Create a fully functioning digital and virtual workplace, with a good user experience
  • Fun at Work - Integrate fun into the workplace, bring joy and happiness to work
  • Rewards & Recognition - Help employees feel valued by recognizing and rewarding their endeavors
  • Financial Wellness – Enable people to reach their financial goals and reduce their financial stress
  • Learning - Help people reach their full potential
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